Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Installation

Air Conditioning Service, Repair and Installation

is one of the leading providers of air conditioning repair and air conditioning service in Wheaton, IL, offering timely solutions to problems related to your air conditioning system. Our HVAC technicians will come to your rescue when you want emergency AC service or repair, or just need a hand with your residential or commercial cooling problems.

You'll find we take our job seriously and highly value the trust that is placed in us. goes far beyond what others do by investing in the training and equipment necessary to protect your home or family in Wheaton, IL. Whether you have a central AC system, Heat Pump or Ductless Mini Split we are here to help.

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Upon Arrival Troubleshooted Ac Unit And Discovered Condenser Fan Motor Not Working. Ohms Reading Was Off But Capacitor Was Good. Replaced Condenser Fan Motor.
Tim , P. Wheaton, IL
Upon Arrival. Condenser Was Not Turning On At All. Discovered Bad Contactor And Blown Wires From Compressor To Electric Panel.
Klayton , Z. Wheaton, IL

David , H. Wheaton , IL
Upon Arrival Found Frozen Coil Have To Thaw Out System Recommended Preventive Maintenance Agreement And Dye Kit Customer Agreed Added 2lbs Of R410 To Balance System Ac Now Cooling Properly We Need To Come Back And Do A Dye Search.
David , K. Wheaton, IL
Did Not Charge Customer Due To We Were Supposed To Come Back To Check For Dye And It Was Never Scheduled Upon Arrival Customer Explained No A/c. I Turned The System On And Discovered Outdoor Unit Not Operational. Test Incoming Power To Discover No Power. I Found Breaker Box And Discovered Breaker Off. I Turned The Breaker Back On And Tested The Pressures. Also Discovered Filter Clogged Causing Unit To Possibly Freeze
Bob , R. Wheaton, IL
PTEST1 Pressure Test: Test For Larger Refrigerant Leaks We Will Pump Down And Save Any Refrigerant Possible Into The Condenser. Pressurize The Lineset And Indoor Coil With 400 PSI Of Nitrogen And Refrigerant Trace Gas. Electronic Leaks Detect All Lines, End Loops, All Accessible Fittings, Coils, Manifolds, Service Ports. Soap Test All Accessible End Loops, Joints, And Coils + Once Leaks Or Leaks Are Found We Will Present Repair Options With Pricing.
Grant, A. Wheaton, IL
Explained To Customer The Filter Blockage Was Causing Air Flow Issues. Followed Up With The Blower Cfm Being 200 Over Required Specs
Stephanie, B. Wheaton, IL
Previous Home Owner Had Bad Low Voltage Wiring Causing A Bad Circuit. Re-wire & Installed Thermostat Homeowner Bought
Rebecca , C. Wheaton , IL
Upon Arrival Customer Turned System On, The Fan And Compressor Tried To Start But Could Not. I Diagnosed Faulty Capacitor
Mike , K. Wheaton, IL
A3 ComfrotSync Thermostat Control App Controlled - Monitor And Control Temperatures And Settings From Anywhere In The World Using An The App And Smart Device. Voice Activated - Compatible With Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant. Allergy Sync - Monitors The Air Quality And Pollen Levels In Your Local Zip Code And Automatically Turns The Fan On To Help Clean The Home's Air When Outdoor Levels Are High. Fully Communicating Thermostat Maximizes System Efficiency. Allows Control Of Multiple Zones Within The Home All In One.
Joseph, G. Wheaton , IL
Includes 1 Hour Of Standard Diagnosis On One HVAC System. Each Additional System Diagnosis Will Have An Additional Fee. Customer Reported Issue: Hard Start On Start Up Recommended Repairs: Replace Capacitor 200 / 94471 TURBO 200 2.5 MFD - 67.5 MFD: Universal Run & Start Capacitor Replacement. Universal HardStart Replacement. One
Armstrong HVAC 4SCU16LE160P-4
TURBO 200 2.5 MFD - 67.5 MFD: Universal Run & Start Capacitor Replacement. Universal HardStart Replacement. One
Annual Clean And Inspection Of Air Conditioning Unit.
Jolynn, B. Wheaton, IL
A/C Not Cooling And Water Leaking On Arrival. Found Condensate Pan Filled With Water Causing A/C To Be Shut Off On Safety. Installed New 24V Condensate Pump
Bernie, W. Wheaton, IL
A/C Unit Was Not Cooling Properly On Arrival. Found Blown Capacitor Blown On A/C Condenser. Installed New 35/5 Mfd Dual Run Capacitor.
Bill, P. Wheaton, IL
A/C Was Not Cooling On Arrival. Found Blown Capacitor And Installed New Dual Run Capacitor
Kyle, H. Wheaton, IL
AC Tune-Up And Mitsubishi Mini-Split Tune Up
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" Always on time, always great, dependable and honest service!"

Shanon, E. Wheaton, IL

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