Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Are you looking for Air Conditioning maintenance in West Chicago, IL ? Our AC and Air Conditioning service technicians have years of experience working on Central AC Systems like yours in West Chicago, IL. has service vehicles on call that are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your Cooling System back up and operating.

We offer Central Air Conditioner maintenance and maintenance agreements to keep your AC system running great. You can rely on to advise you properly and to do excellent work promptly. Ask us about maintenance agreements for your high efficiency Air Conditioner today.

We provide Air Conditioning Maintenance in West Chicago, IL

We provide Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreements in West Chicago, IL

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A/C Report: Annual A/C Preventative Maintenance: Clean And Check Outdoor Condenser High Pressure - 190 Low Pressure - 110 Ambient Temp - 53 Delta T Reading -17 Contactor Resistance Reading - No Issues Low Voltage Wiring Check No Issues Capacitor Reading 70/10 @ 68.9/9.8 Clean Out Electrical Compartment Cleaned Spider Webs Refrigeration Line Check - Low Side Insulation Well Insulated Service Valve Cap No Issues Amp Draw On Compressor -5.6 Amp Draw On Condenser Fan -1.3 Check Filter/Replace Air Filter Looks Good Clean Drain No Issues Test Blower Motor No Issues
Alex, M. West Chicago, IL
Upon Arrival, Furnace Vent & Blower Motor Working In Proper Amp Rate. Vent Motor Seems To Have Taken Water Damage & So Has The Interior Of The Furnace. Customer Want To Wait On AC Maintenance For Next Season. Humidifier Working Properly & Changed Humidifier Filter FPM Annual Furnace Preventative Maintenance: Your Fall Preventative Maintenance Includes - Clean Burner Assembly - Clean Flame Sensor - Inspect Heat Exchanger - Check Igniter - Test Safety Circuit - Carbon Monoxide Test - Check Sequence Operations - Inspect Blower Motor And Cage - Measure For Correct Air Flow - Tighten Electrical Connections - Measure Volts/amps On Motors - Change Filter MP HUM Humidifier Maintenance: Humidifier Maintenance And Cleaning Disassemble And Inspect Aprilaire Humidifier -Clean Drain Assembly -Clean Distribution Tray -Clean Water Feed Tube -Verify Water Flow, Clean Orifice -Clean Or Replace Drain Tube As Needed -Verify 24v Control Operation -Replace Media Filter Set Manual Controls @ 35% For Winter Opperaion. Verify Automatic Control Set In WiFi Stat
Sheila , T. West Chicago , IL
Armstrong HVAC 4SCU13LE160P-5
All Equipment And Components Are In Marginal Condition - Should Replace The Furnace And AC High Pressure - Refrigerant Check Low Pressure - Refrigerant Check - Marginal Delta T Reading Contractor Resistance Reading Low Voltage Wiring Check Capacitor Reading Clean Out Electrical Compartment Refrigeration Line Check - Low Side Insulation Service Valve Cap Amp Draw On Compressor Amp Draw On Condenser Fan
Kevin, K. West Chicago, IL

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