Furnace Service and Repair

Furnace Service and Repair

If your gas furnace in Warrenville, IL is not working it is likely your furnace needs repair or service. At times the fix is simple, other times it is not. Our heating and furnace service technicians have years of experience working on furnaces like yours in Warrenville, IL. has service vehicles on call that are fully equipped with the tools and parts necessary to get your furnace back up and operating.

Our furnace repair, furnace service or replacement pricing is very competitive. Our estimates are always firm with no hidden surprises. You can rely on to advise you properly and to do excellent work promptly. Ask us about maintenance agreements for your high efficiency furnace today.

We provide gas furnace service in Warrenville, IL

We provide gas furnace repair in Warrenville, IL

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Verified Sequence Of Operations Through Thermostat And Found Error Code Of Fuse Being Popped. Replaced With Homeowner Approval And System Turned On. Inspected Unit And Found Ignitor Showing “OL” Reading. Replaced And Tested. Everything Else Was Between Specifications And Found Inducer Amping Between Range But Making Slight Bearing Noise. Let Homeowner Know And Let Him Know That It Might Fail In The Future But I’d Recommended Membership Agreement In Case That Does Happen.
Chris, L. Warrenville, IL
Upon Arrival, Verified Error Codes To Furnace Of Fail To Ignite And Locked Out. Tested Mechanical Components Of Burner Department And Found Flame Sensor Out Of Specs Which Is Under Parts Warranty And Recommended Cleaning And Inspection For Unit And Homeowner Agreed To Sign Up For Membership Agreement. Completed Furnace Clean And Check And Please Reference Tune Up Form For Specifications. Collected Over The Phone Via Visa Card.
Abra, C. Warrenville, IL
Upon Arrival Found The Thermostat Saying It Needs To Replace Batteries. I Replaced It With Brand New Batteries. It Still Shows A Low Battery Recommended For Replacing The Thermostat.
Maureen, G. Warrenville, IL
Furnace Report: Furnace Report • Inducer .30 @.27 • Clean Flame Sensor Cleaned Sensor Very Dirty • Inspect Blower Motor No Issues • Inspect Wiring No Issues • Inspect Burner No Rust • Inspect Orfices For Blockage Cleared All Ports • Carbon Monoxide Test 0ppm Found • Inspect Chimney No Issues • Inspect Pressure Switch Lines No Issues • Test Sequence Of Operation No Issues • Inspect Heat Exchanger No Issues • Check Ignitor No Issues • Check/replace Filter Replaced Air Filter • Test Gas Shut Off No Issues • Test Thermostat For Proper Operation No Issues
Mike , K. Warrenville , IL
Hot Surface Igniter: Furnish And Install Hot Surface Igniter Packard Flat Igniters Offer An Efficient, Stronger, Reliable Hot Surface Silicon Carbide Design Faster Time To Temperature Response Stronger More Durable Design Higher Resistance To Oxidation Longer Usable Life Annual Furnace Preventative Maintenance: Your Fall Preventative Maintenance Includes - Clean Burner Assembly - Clean Flame Sensor - Inspect Heat Exchanger - Check Igniter - Test Safety Circuit - Carbon Monoxide Test - Check Sequence Operations - Inspect Blower Motor And Cage - Measure For Correct Airflow - Tighten Electrical Connections - Measure Volts/amps On Motors - Change Filter
Paul , M. Warrenville , IL
Furnace Has Major Water Damage. Circuit Board, Blower Motor, And All Electrical Components Are Water Damaged. Furnace - Due To Water Damage Unit Needs Replacement Water Heater - Gas Manifold, Gas Pipe, Burner Valve All Have Water Damage. Unit Is Not Operational, Due To Water Damage Unit Needs Replacement
Chuck , A. Warrenville, IL
Customer Had A Water Leak Issue. Found A Clogged Drain Was Causing The Issue. Cleared The Blockage And Re-glued The Pipe Back Together
Robert, T. Warrenville, IL

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