Keeping Cool in Aurora, Illinois

Ideally when it gets warm outside when you walk over to your thermostat and click cool you should be all set. But what can you do when you click cool and nothing happens, or warm air comes out of your ductwork rather than cool?

Call Brian's Heating. We have fully trained expert AC technicians that work in Aurora, IL all the time. We have the know-how, and the parts needed to get your air conditioning system back up to speed quickly.

A/C unit was not cooling on arrival. Found system low on R-22 refrigerant. Added 5 pounds of R-22 to system, leveled pressures, and checked all temperatures.

Aurora, IL

A/C was not running upon arrival. Found unit low on refrigerant. Added 3 lbs of R410A and restored unit to working condition.

Aurora, IL

Air Conditioner was not cooling on arrival. Found capacitor to be faulty. Installed new original equipment manufacturer dual run capacitor.

Aurora, IL